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Your Entitlements

If you are injured during your years of service as a Police Officer or Paramedic, you are entitled to make a claim for:

  • All reasonably necessary medical expenses
  • Make-up pay – where you’re back at work, but not back to your full hours or duties
  • Lump-sum payments for ‘pain and suffering’. When you’ve suffered a permanent impairment of a body part due to an injury occurring on duty (such as a back injury at work)
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Work Injury Damages Claims

If you sustained a work related injury in the last 30 years, the Australian Government has preserved your right to demand a claim for work injury damages, provided you’ve suffered an injury that is assessed at 15% (or more) of what is termed ‘Whole Person Impairment’.

If you are a pre-1988 Officer, there is no threshold.

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We can also help with

  1. General advice when you’ve been off work a while and you think you can’t go back – helping you understand your ongoing entitlements;
  2. What Medical Discharge means for you;
  3. How to get your TPD lump sum;
  4. What happens once you leave.

No Win, No Pay

At Bourke Legal, we have a No Win-No Fee policy. What this means is that you do not pay legal fees unless your case is successful. If your case succeeds, that’s when we’ll charge our legal fees.

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