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Have you been injured at work, hurt on duty or in a public place? It’s likely that you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

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Workers’ Compensation

If you’ve suffered from a work-related injury or illness, everything can change in an instant. Our experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyers can assist you today.

Super & Disability Claims

If you have suffered an injury and cannot return to work, Bourke Legal can assist you in making a TPD and/or Superannuation Claim.

Public Liability

If you were injured in a public place, either through no fault of your own, or were partially to blame, you may be entitled to make a public liability claim.

Hurt on Duty

Bourke Legal gives emergency workers the support they deserve. If you are suffering from a psychological injury or have been discharged due to PTSD caused by your work, please contact us immediately.

Our Videos

At Bourke Legal, we have a strong commitment to assisting you in better understanding compensation law.

How NSW Police Officers Can Claim Compensation for Injuries

In this video, Associate Melissa Arndell talks about how police officers can claim compensation for injuries such as physical and psychological injuries.

What You Need to Know about TPD Claims

In this video, Associate Melissa Arndell explores TPD claims and the possible entitlements.

How to Prepare for a Medical Examination

In this video, Associate Lisa Robertson talks about medical examinations and how you can prepare for them.

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Need Treatment and Out of Time? Here is What you Need to Know

Have you suffered a work injury and need medical treatment, but the insurer has told you that you are out of time to claim it? This is a scenario many injured workers face every year, but don’t be alarmed as there may be a way around it. The section of the Workers Compensation Act that…

What is the Personal Injury Commission?

If you have a dispute with your workers’ compensation insurer that you have been unable to settle, your lawyer can file an application at the Personal Injury Commission (the PIC) to begin the legal process of resolving the dispute. The PIC is an independent tribunal which resolves disputes about workers’ compensation claims and motor vehicle accidents…

Ho Ho Oh No – Workplace injuries at Christmas Parties

It’s that time of year - Christmas party season!  And whilst workplace Christmas parties are a great opportunity to bond with colleagues and have some fun after working hard all year, what should you do in the (unlikely but possible) event that things go wrong?    First things first.  Does an injury at a workplace…

How Can IRO Help Me?

  If you have been injured at work in New South Wales, you'll likely come across the acronym IRO, short for Independent Review Office. In this podcast, Associate Melissa Arndell explains how IRO can help injured workers in NSW.

Help! My employer is pressuring me not to make a workers’ compensation claim

  If you've been injured in a work accident, the last thing you need is an employer who is pressuring you to not make a workers' compensation claim. In this podcast, Senior Associate Jessica Prasser shares some practical steps to take if you are in this unfortunate circumstance.

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