Why Choose Bourke Legal

In this video, Director Brendan Bourke talks about why you should choose Bourke Legal.


I’m Brendan Burke. I’m sitting here in the Ballina office of Bourke Legal. Why would you want to come here? Why would you want to use our firm? Why do you want to come to us rather than some big city law firm? What do we do any differently or any better?

Well, probably one of the things we do better is we actually like what we do. Maybe we’re a bit weird here, but we actually enjoy the law, we enjoy meeting people. I’ve been a lawyer for 35 years now, and I’m enjoying it more than ever before.

I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, using my experience and my expertise to help put them in a position where they can get better again, to help them get back to work, to help them feel useful and productive again, and that’s the same for everyone here, we all share the same ethos.

We have a very strict no-muppets rule here. If you can’t get on with people, if you don’t like people, you don’t get a gig here. I’ve been working with my fellow director, Pania, for over half of my professional career. Pania and I are executing a plan to have a firm where everyone has a good work-life balance, less cases, less stress, more time out of the office.

How does that help you? Well, you’ll get a lawyer who’s fresh and enthusiastic and in a position to provide you with the best advice to get you the best result. We don’t do things the way the big city law firms do things.

We’ve taken over so many cases over the years from people who’ve gone to see the big city lawyers. The guy in the shark’s skin suit, the really nice $1,000 haircut, promises on the world, delivers very little. They speak to him, they get the sales pitch, and then they never speak to anyone above the rank of tea lady ever again.

They end up in court meeting a barrister they’ve never met before, barrister doesn’t remember their name, solicitor doesn’t turn up. What sort of service is that? It’s not our sort of service. The thing most people don’t understand about dealing with a big city law firm is it’s like dealing with your bank or dealing with the government.

Imagine how hard it is to get the ear of the CEO of Westpac or to get the Federal Minister for transport to take your call and take an interest in your case, that’s just not going to happen.

You’re going to go to the very bottom of the pecking order, but not here, you go straight to the top. Every lawyer here works directly with me or with Pania. They get 50 years of combined experience and expertise to help them on all of their cases.

But don’t take my word for it, ask your doctor, ask some colleagues, ask your friends, do some research, ask questions about us. We’d like you to come in here already knowing that we’re the right law firm for you. When you’ve been injured and you need some help, that’s when we step in.

Compensation law, it’s what we do and we’re good at it.