Police Hurt on Duty Questionaire

Have you suffered an injury or illness while working for the NSW Police Force? You may be entitled to a compensation claim.

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Completing this questionnaire will give us a lot more information about you and your circumstances. Your information is not publicly available, and won’t be provided to anyone. It comes to us as an entirely confidential email.

Before you complete this, please make sure you have listened to the podcast that explains:

  1. how the Workers Compensation scheme works;
  2. Medical Discharge;
  3. claiming TPD;
  4. section 66 & 67 lump sum benefits;
  5. Income Protection payments;
  6. continuing benefits once Income Protection finishes;
  7. what happens to your benefits if you plan to sue your Employer in negligence.

Let’s start with a thumbnail sketch of you:

Now, onto the reason you are contacting us:

Have you been diagnosed with PTSD or do you think you might have PTSD (or other psychological injury)?
If you have been diagnosed with PTSD, who made the diagnosis?
Circumstances of developing PTSD
Which of these circumstances apply to you? Tick as many as are relevant.
TPD claim
Have you had legal advice before?
Have you done your s.66 lump sum claims for PTSD?
Have you done your s.66 lump sum claims for physical injuries?
Have you had legal advice about suing the Police?
When you first went totally off work, were you:
Please complete this section if you are suffering PTSD
Have you lodged a claim for PTSD?
Are you getting Weekly Benefits and medical expenses?